Audio: Getting Rid of Those Little Hitlers in Us



Beau-Gavin Durr, South Africa shares his country and his family story of injustice, forgiveness, reconciliation, and the grace of Jesus.

In his message delivered at the 2017 Renewing Our Minds (ROM) leadership gathering in Fuzine, Croatia he talked about the need for restorative justice instead of retribution that only helps perpetuate injustice and hatred.

Beau Gavin-Durr was born in Cape Town, where he grew up under apartheid. From his early years he developed a strong desire to see racial harmony flourish in his country, inspired by His Christian faith. He earned an Honors Degree in Business at the University of Cape Town while being involved in various volunteer projects, building houses in the slums in and around Cape Town. After graduating and working for some years in London and then in the real estate business in Cape Town.

Beau felt a call to study theology and be involved in social development. He studied in Hawaii at the University of the Nations while also doing volunteer projects in a many countries – building water tanks in rural Vanuatu, and taking medical supplies to villages in the Himalayas of Nepal and the jungles of India and Madagascar.

Beau has also lived and worked in China and Serbia. He currently lives and works in Cape Town, mentoring international students at the YWAM University of the nations campus in Muizenberg, and runs a surfing school on weekends. He continues to travel extensively and has been to 70 countries.

Time: 28:15 min.

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