We Call Them Friends, Brothers and Sisters



Croatia: We do not call them refugees or immigrants. In our ROM – Renewing Our Minds community we call them our friends, family, brothers and sisters.

They came to Croatia from a number of places – Iran, Afghanistan, Syria included, seeking a country that will give them the opportunity to rebuild their lives in safety and protected against ideologically driven persecutions and threats to their lives.

They are amazing, loving, kind and generous young people patiently waiting to see their requests to stay in Croatia positively resolved. Their integration into Croatia will be a blessing to the whole Croatian society. Among them are artists, musicians, managers, athletes. Four in the group have already received their requests approved. Other five are still waiting, patiently.

I would not have concluded my recent visit to Croatia without getting together with them again. They are all involved in our ROM – Renewing Our Minds family of friends. Some of them served this summer in our team of leaders and facilitators. Pray for them, and see if there is anything else you would like to do for them (winter is coming), and let us know. Remember the words of Jesus: “Whatever you did to the least of those, you did for me!” (TK) Visit now this place.

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