Audio: Finding Your Life’s Calling

DSC_0502Dražen Glavaš speaks at the Renewing Our Minds Gathering in Fužine, Croatia, August 2017.


Dražen Glavaš shared this message in August 2017, at the 2017 Renewing Our Minds (ROM) Gathering of young leaders in Fužine, Croatia. Dražen Glavaš left us suddenly on the 2nd December, 2017. Read more about Drazen and his important contribution to the birth of ROM almost twenty years ago here. The transformative impact of his life and work reached the lives of many people in Croatia and internationally. His teachings and organization of professional events for leaders in the market place, whereby he was continuously brining us to the realization that work is also a spiritual discipline, and that what and how we believe informs and transform our work ethics, has been one of Dražen’s major contribution to Croatia, the region, and beyond. Drazen will be missed. Time 28:38 min.

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