Video: EDI 2017 – People, Moments, Memories


Watch the latest EDI 2017 – People, Moments and Memories video album. Economic Diplomacy and Integrity Forum (EDI) held last summer in Fuzine, Croatia was the gathering of young leaders rich in diversity, message and joy. Close to 50 participants, speakers and mentors from 12 countries, discussed together for two weeks the principles of Jesus as applied to economics, politics and business. They talked about integrity in their countries, and about how to fight against corruption, human trafficking, refugee crisis, ethnic strife, and poverty and exclusion of minorities. And music was great and diverse too. Music flavor in the video contributed by Zac Schmidt, Maria Nickolay, Steven Van, Salai Nay Lynn Htnu, and a group of Romanian participants. Message Highlights: Justin Kagin, Mihaela Kovacs, Samuil Petrovski, Heather Staff, Tihomir Kukolja. This EDI 2017 video album features only a fragment of the total experience. Take 9 minutes to watch this video album and it will refresh your day.

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