Audio: Kingdom Before Tribe, Heather Staff



In her message “Kingdom Before Tribe”, delivered at the EDI- Economic Diplomacy and Integrity Forum and ROM – Renewing Our Minds Leadership Gathering in July and August 2017, Heather Nicola Staff spoke prophetically and with clarity very much needed at this time. She said that “Kingdom Before Tribe” means “knowing that our identity is in Jesus, and not in one’s party or political affiliation”. It is about “learning to disagree well”. It means “being the light and the salt to the world”.

Heather Nicola Staff is a director for the youth leadership board of Christians in Politics UK. She is also an Executive member and Assistant Director of Christians on the Left, and is standing as a perspective parliamentary candidate. She is a legal associate with a conflict resolution think tank and a consultant with the Westminster Foundation for Democracy. She works on Conflict resolution, human rights, political engagement and rule of law programs. Her training from The University of Warwick is in the social sciences looking at the political sociology of genocide/totalitarian states and her postgraduate studies are in international and constitutional law with a focus on tackling corruption.

Heather is a regular speaker at events around the UK and Europe and a panelist for national and international media. She is often on Christian radio and TV channels, and can often be found playing bass guitar at worship events or playing squash and tennis as much as she can. Since 2015 Heather Staff has been serving as a speaker at the ROM events, as well as its Core Team Member. Time: 29:07 min.

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