A Call To Action

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Wade Channell and Carlton Deal are inviting our many friends to join in the following action:

Dear Friends,

The recent appearance of the #MeToo movement has brought attention to some deep fissures in our culture.  Although few men actually attack women, there is a pervasive culture of disrespect, dismissal, and denigration of women by men.  This is hurting all of us, but we  believe that we can turn the tide.

We, Carlton Deal and Wade Channell, fellow ROMmates, have decided we would like to do something about it.  First, we would like your input, so please take a look at Wade’s Blog and get in touch. There are questions there for both men and women, and we would love to have your input.

Second, on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2018, we are inviting you to stand with us to affirm our roles – men and women – as allies for a better world, by also affirming the brave women of #MeToo.  We’ll have more details on this in a couple of weeks, but at this time we want you to know what we’re planning so you can spread the word and get ready to stand.

Feel free to copy us with any questions you may have at wade.channell@gmail.com and carltondeal@me.com .

Thank you for getting involved. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Wade Channell

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