Video: Archetypes, Liviu Mocan


Liviu Mocan is a leading, nationally and internationally acclaimed Romanian sculptor. All of his works of art represent unusual and powerful visual meditations on the themes of the Kingdom of God. Liviu Mocan does not hide that he is a follower of Jesus. His faith is visibly present in his works. In June 2018 a ROM – Renewing Our Minds team visited the artist in his atelier in Cluj-Napoca. Although he and his team were very busy at the time of our visit about finishing the latest group of works, to be displayed in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and Cambridge, UK only a few days away, Liviu Mocan gave us his full attention, as he led us in the time of reflection and discussion about our perceptions of his latest works named “Archetypes”. One of the recent Liviu’s sculptures, featured in this photo, is called “The Book that Reads You”.  Watch the video. Time 3:32 min.

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