Video: Uganda Report – Developing Young Leaders in East Africa


Two weeks ago Bojan Ruvarac, new Renewing Our Minds director, and Tihomir Kukolja (ROM Director 2001-2019) were visiting Uganda.

We meet with the leaders of the Africa Youth Leadership Forum (AYLF) from Uganda and Eastern Africa.  We shared our work experiences with the Renewing Our Minds (ROM) ministry and our governing organization Forum for Leadership and Reconciliation. Our African friends shared their work experiences with AYLF and Cornerstone Development.

We were impressed, humbled and inspired as we watched how young people of Uganda and East Africa were becoming transformed into the future leaders of this region thanks to the dedicated work of the African youth Leadership Forum and Cornerstone Development, and their vision of “nurturing a new breed of African leaders”. Out of our visit and time spent with our friends from AYLF a new vision has flourished: AYLF is seriously planning to move forward with an African version of ROM.

Thank you friends from Uganda for your wonderful welcome and hospitality. Special Thank You goes to our friends Phillip Ojok, Gabriel Odhiambo Achayo, Allan Shepherd, and our new friends Branly Madatii, Monicah Monique Waithera, Emmanuel Baraka, Josephats Yeeko Izaacs, Tim Kreutter, Samuel Wanyagira and Yusuph Athuman, and to a number of other new friends from Uganda and the region.

To learn more about our recent visit to Uganda watch this video. Time 11:30.

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